Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group

Group Leader: Jose Antonio Garrido

Main Research Lines

  • Fundamental electronic and electrochemical phenomena of novel materials, such as graphene and other 2D’s
  • Preparation (CVD) of high quality films of 2D materials. Technology and nanofabrication for advanced electronic devices and systems based on these materials.
  • Bioelectronics & Biomedical Technologies: cell bioelectronics, flexible implant, neuroprosthetics
  • Electronic & electrochemical biosensors based on 2D materials
  • Novel 2D materials for energy storage and conversion


Led by ICREA Research Professor Jose A. Garrido, the Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group joined the ICN2 on September 2015. The Group focuses on material science and technology of novel electronic materials, with a strong emphasis on carbon materials such as graphene, as well as other 2D materials (MoS2). In addition, the Group works towards the development of technological applications of these materials in electronics, bioelectronics and biosensing, energy storage and conversion, etc.

The activities cut across different scientific aspects, from fundamentals (physics of devices and semiconductors) to materials (growth of graphene and 2D materials by CVD, surface functionalization, advanced characterization), through devices (fabrication technology, nanofabrication), and to applications (biosensors, neural implants and biomedical technologies, energy storage and conversion).

Group Leader

Jose Antonio Garrido

Jose Antonio Garrido is an ICREA Research Professor working at Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2) in Barcelona, and head of the Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices group, which explores novel electronic materials, such as graphene and other 2D materials, and their potential in electronic and bioelectronic applications.

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Highlighted Publication

Graphene Field-Effect Transistors for In Vitro and Ex Vivo Recordings
Kireev D., Zadorozhnyi I., Qiu T., Sarik D., Brings F., Wu T., Seyock S., Maybeck V., Lottner M., Blaschke B.M., Garrido J., Xie X., Vitusevich S., Wolfrum B., Offenhäusser A. IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology (2017)

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