Scientific-Technical Research Support Group

Gustavo Ceballos

The research support divisions and core facilities, led by Dr Gustavo Ceballos, constitute a centralized research support infrastructure that allow research scientist shared access to sophisticated and expensive instruments, technologies and specialized services and expertise. It aims to offer, for the research groups within the ICN2 and neighbouring research institutions, a collaborative platform and a repository of expertise and know-how to develop new methods, materials, instruments and techniques. A highly qualified multidisciplinary team of experts support activities within research facilities providing expertise that may be lacking in research laboratories and fostering collaborations between investigators as well as inter-disciplinary research.


The Research Support divisions are small groups leaded by scientists that combine service and technical support with scientific expertise in strategic areas to support the science made in institute.


The ICN2 Research Support Facilities provide with an array of specialized equipment, technologies and services, efficiently operated by a highly qualified staff to enable scientists to achieve ambitious research goals in a cost effective way. From routine, though essential, support services to advanced technical and consulting services, these cores facilitate and enhance the important research conducted at the institute on a daily basis.

Gustavo Ceballos

Head of Scientific-Technical Research Support Group

Dr Gustavo Ceballos earned his BSc in Chemistry at the Central University of Venezuela in 1989. He obtained his PhD in 1996 at the Institut für Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie der Universität Bonn, Germany.

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