Human Resources

The Human Resources Department focuses on the attraction, selection, training, assessment and rewarding of leading scientists and administrative personnel in compliance with employment and labour laws. It is foremost devoted to ensuring the Institute’s mission, vision, values and guiding principles, and promotes that the Institute meets its goals of excellence.

Furthermore, the Department deals with issues related to the organisation development, such as providing effective policies, procedures, and people-friendly guidelines, support and tools. It takes part in the Institute’s internal communications and administration, thereby providing a workplace culture and environment that fulfils the Institute’s management requirements and its employees’ needs.

ICN2 welcomes the Commission Recommendation of 11 March 2005 and commits itself to applying the stated principles in The European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Therefore, the Institute develops through its Human Resources Department an Action Plan to ensure that the Institute meets its goals of excellence and meets the principles set out in the aforementioned Charter.

Human resources strategy for researchers action plan

Rocío Pérez

Head of Human Resources

Rocío Pérez