People of ICN2

ICN2 is defined by its people. From senior researchers to administration staff, ICN2 personnel work as a team, contributing their creativity, energy, dedication and hard work to further the Institute.

ICN2 prides itself on being an attractor of talent, seeking to provide an environment and an image of excellence that draws talented scientists, technicians and support personnel from around the world. The Institute has succeeded in this endeavour, as embodied in its highly-qualified scientific staff and demonstrated by its high level of scientific output. Many researchers who have completed a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral stay at ICN2 have moved on to highly prestigious institutes such as Harvard, Yale, the Max Planck institutes, CNRS and CEA. Thus, ICN2 is continuously offering new positions for junior scientists.

Recruitment has recently reached an historic peak, as the Institute fully consolidated its management and administrative teams and met its human resources objectives. ICN2 is an equal opportunity employer and seeks a workforce diverse in age, culture nationality and gender. By the end of 2014, ICN2 personnel represented multiple nationalities; women comprised an important percentage of all personnel.