Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy

Group Leader: Aitor Mugarza

Recent Projects

  • LEGOCHIP, Multifunctional Nanoporous Graphene Integration in Operational Nanophotonic Biosensor Devices

    Funded by AEI-EU (PCI2019-111890-2), 2020-03-01 / 2023-08-31

    IP: César Moreno

  • PORMOLSYS, Nanoporous functional molecular systems: from on-surface synthesis to device integration

    Funded by AEI (PID2019-107338RB-C65), 2020-06-01 / 2023-05-31

    IP: Aitor Mugarza and César Moreno

  • QEE2DUP, Quantum engineering of excitons in 2D materials from the bottom-up

    Funded by BIST (N/A), 2020-03-04 / 2021-02-21

    IP: César Moreno

  • TNSI, Trans-Pyrenean node for scientific instrumentation

    Funded by FEDER - INTERREG/POCTEFA, 2018-02-01 / 2021-01-31

    IP: Aitor Mugarza

    Funded by FEDER
  • FunMolDev, Nanoestructuras Moleculares Funcionales para Dispositivos Optoelectrónicos: Hacia dispositivos de 3 terminales

    Funded by MINECO, 2016-12-30 / 2019-12-29

    IP: Aitor Mugarza

    Funded by FEDER