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Method of forming an electronic device on a flexible substrate

This patented technology uses wax-printed membranes for fast patterning and water activation transfer using pressure-based mechanisms. It requires neither a clean room nor organic solvents. The wax-printed membranes have 50μm resolution, long-term stability and infinite shaping capability over a variety of substrates, including textile, paper, adhesive film or PET.

The ICN2 printing technology will enable in situ transfer of multiple electronic devices such as supercapacitors, solar cells, biosensors or LEDs. In addition to graphene oxide, this approach might be suitable for other electronic materials.

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Updated: 10 March 2016

Licensed Technology: Yes - GraphenicaLab

Involved research Group: Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors

ICN2 researchers involved: Arben Merkoçi Hyka