12 July

Plasmonic Nanoparticles as sensor for single molecules

Friday 12 July 2019, 12:00pm

ICN2 Seminar Hall, ICN2 Building, UAB

Prof. Carsten Sönnichsen, Physical Chemistry, Johannes-Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany

Abstract: We have developed an alternative to dye labeling for single molecule experiments: we utilize plasmonic gold nanoparticles to detect single unlabeled proteins with high temporal resolution (ms to μs). This allows for monitoring the dynamic evolution of DNA hybridization or protein binding. The technique resolves equilibrium coverage fluctuations, opening a window into Brownian dynamics of unlabeled macromolecules. Therefore, our method enables the study of DNA or protein folding dynamics, protein adsorption processes, and kinetics as well as non-equilibrium soft matter dynamics on the single molecule level without need for labeling

Hosted by: Prof. Arben Merkoçi, Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group Leader at ICN2