22 October


22 October 2020 - 23 October 2020


ICMAB Summer School on Optically Controlled Ferroelectric Memristors

All-optically controlled resistive switching could offer advantages, in terms of energy dissipation and speed, for logic and data storage functions in solid-state devices. Ferroelectrics may constitute a building block of this emerging technology, when integrated in nanometric tunnel devices. The functioning of these devices, from photon absorption to the resistive switching involve a subtle interplay between electronic and optical properties, polarization effects and materials issues.  

The target audience are PhD fellows and young researchers initiating their activity on photoresponse in oxides, with interest on polar materials (ferroelectric), with applications spanning from photovoltaics to resistive switching.

Registration is free but only available for accepted participants.  Deadline - 11 October 2020

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