26 October

2020 BIST Annual Conference - Building a sustainable world together

26 October 2020 - 29 October 2020


(Note that you will have to register to each day separately)

This fourth edition of the BIST Annual Conference will focus on the latest developments in an area of priority for BIST research: sustainability.

Our current patterns of production and consumption are depleting the planet’s resources including biomass, water, minerals, and fossil fuels, while generating exponential growth in waste, as well as air and soil pollution. This has resulted in the serious climate crisis we are experiencing, which threatens the future of humanity.

The 2020 BIST Conference programme includes two round-tables with BIST researchers working on nano-bioengineering for pollution remediation and on clean energy, and a debate with representatives from all BIST centres on how to turn research institutes into more sustainable organisations themselves.

ICN2 Involved researcher: Dr. Neus Domingo, Advanced AFM Laboratory Platform Leader and  CSIC Distinguished Researcher at Oxide Nanophysics Group - Roundtable: Closing the Gender Gap in Research: Collective Challenges Ahead - 26 october, 16:30 - 18:00 pm