26 October

Thermal transport and mechanical properties characterization using Extreme Ultraviolet coherent light

Monday 26 October 2020, 12:00pm


ICMAB PostDoc Cycle Talk

By Begoña Abad, Nanophononics Lab - Zardo group, Physics Department, University of Basel, Switzerland

Abstract: As advances in nanofabrication push the feature dimensions of complex systems into the few-nanometer range, macroscopic models fail to accurately describe their behavior and traditional metrology tools struggle to precisely measure their properties. To overcome these challenges, we use a dynamic scatterometry tool, based on coherent extreme ultraviolet beams, to map the non-diffusive heat flow away from nanoscale sources. Additionally, we extract the full elastic tensor of ultrathin films down to 5 nm thicknesses, finding that doping and surfaces alters the mechanical properties. Moreover, we extend these measurements to probe the mechanical, structural, and thermal properties of complex metalattices. 

Hosted by Riccardo Rurali, Materials Theory and Simulation Group