14 April

ICN2 OPEN KNOWLEDGE PROGRAMME - X-Ray Diffraction Facility at ICN2: Overview on tools and processes

Wednesday 14 April 2021, 12:00pm


By Jessica Padilla Research Technician of the X-ray Diffraction Facility

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: The seminar provides an overview of the XRD Facility at ICN2 and technical details about the two Malvern- Panalytical diffractometers available in the Facility. It will offer a basic introduction on XRD technique and also the standard applications available inside the XRD Facility (phase and crystal structure identification, cell parameters and thickness determination, domain orientation/stress, etc…) for powder and thin films samples. The seminar will also present the in-situ capabilities available in the XRD Facility by means of several cases studies (applying temperature, light or gas environment)

  • Introduction to the XRD Facility
  • Technical description about the available diffractometers inside the XRD Facility
  • Measurement possibilities for powder samples: reflexion and transmission configurations, capillary and SAXS measurements.
  • Measurement possibilities for thin film samples (standard measurements and in-situ XRD characterization under controlled atmosphere, temperature or light)


  • Brief introduction: available equipment at XRD Facility for powder/thin films
  • X’pert Pro MPD: Powder Analysis applications and Future Plans
  • X’pert Pro MRD: High Resolution and Non- ambient XRD applications
  • Available XRD Data Base at ICN2 Facility

ONLINE EVENT Addressed to PhD students, Postdocs and Lab Staff - REGISTER HERE

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