18 May

8th Joint International EuroSOI Workshop and International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon (EuroSOI-ULIS) 2022

18 May 2022 - 20 May 2022

Udine, Italy

The Conference aims at gathering together scientists and engineers working in academia, research centers and industry in the field of SOI technology and nanoscale devices in More-Moore and More-Than-Moore scenarios.

High quality contributions in the following areas are solicited:

  • Advanced SOI materials and structures, innovative SOI-like devices.
  • Alternative transistor architectures (FDSOI, Nanowire, FinFET, MuGFET, vertical MOSFET, FeFET and TFET, MEMS/NEMS, Beyond-CMOS).
  • New channel materials for CMOS (strained Si/Ge, III-Vs, carbon nanotubes, graphene and other 2D materials).
  • Properties of ultra-thin semiconductor films and buried oxides, defects, interface quality; thin gate dielectrics: high-κ and ferroelectric materials for switches and memory.
  • New functionalities and innovative devices in the More than Moore domain: nanoelectronic sensors, biosensor devices, energy harvesting devices, RF devices, imagers, integrated photonics (on SOI), smart power, etc.
  • Transport phenomena, compact modeling, device simulation, front- and back-end process simulation.
  • CMOS scaling perspectives; device/circuit level performance evaluation; switches and memory scaling; three-dimensional integration of devices and circuits, heterogeneous integration.
  • Advanced test structures and characterization techniques, parameter extraction, reliability and variability assessment techniques for new materials and novel devices.


Satellite event on May 17, 2022: "The Future of Computing & Storage" with the European contribution to the IRDS Roadmap in the field of Cryogenic electronics & Quantum information processing, and More Moore, organized by the SINANO Institute