05 June

Biosensors 2023

05 June 2023 - 08 June 2023

Busan, South Korea

33rd Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors  

CALL for TALKS and POSTERS IS OPEN BY 13 November 2022 - Apply HERE

The Congress will also include two full day summer schools, focussing on CRISPR and AI, and a major exhibition.  The Congress is playing a key role in driving some of the most exciting new commercial applications in biochips, wearable sensors and telecommunication interfaces, and look forward to reconnecting in-person with our community.  

ICN2 Involved Researcher: Prof. Arben Merkoçi, Nanobioelectronics and biosensors Group Leader - Congress Chair


• Bioelectronics (including biocomputing, bio-fuel and photovoltaic cells, and electronic noses) • Commercial biosensors, manufacturing and markets • DNA chips and nucleic acid-based sensors and aptasensors • Enzyme-based biosensors • Immunosensors • Lab-on-a-chip and multiplexed sensors • Microfluidics and immobilisation technology • Smartphone diagnostics, wearable biosensors and personal mobile health • Nanobiosensors, nanomaterials & nanoanalytical systems • Natural & synthetic receptors (including MIPs) • Organism-, whole cell- and organ-based biosensors • Printed biosensors and microfabrication • Proteomics, single-cell analysis and cancer-cell detection • Signal transduction technology • Single molecule detection • Theranostics, implantable and ingestible sensors • CRISPR-based biosensors • Novel transducers • Implantable and ingestible sensors • Synthetic biology for biosensors