20 February

COURSES@CRG: Quantitative Light Microscopy

20 February 2023 - 24 February 2023

CRG – Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

The course covers the entire spectrum of bioimaging, starting from the fundamental basis of optical microscopy, instrumentation, specimen preparation, molecular markers, right up to the most recent and revolutionary development in bioimaging and bioimage data analysis, including artificial intelligence in microscopy. The course is designed for both novice researchers and as well as those having some previous experience with microscopy and its applications.


  • Understand the theoretical and practical aspects of optical microscopy
  • Understand the different imaging modalities and its applications in biomedical research
  • Learn about bioimage data handling and bioimage analysis and appreciate the significance of AI
  • Understand the design and built considerations of bespoke microscopes 

The course is aimed at predoctoral students, postdoctoral or biomedical researchers involved with microscopy.