07 February

Silica-Supported Multicomponent Materials for Environmental Remediation, Biomedical and Energy Applications

Tuesday 07 February 2023, 11:00am

ICN2 Seminar Room, Campus UAB

PhD: Gubakhanim Shahnazarova

Directors:Dr. Maria Jose Esplandiu, CSIC Scientific Researcher at Magnetic Nanostructures Group at ICN2, Dr. Albert Serra (UB), Dr. Borja Sepulveda (CNM-CSIC)

Abstract: The combination of multiple materials with different physical and chemical properties into nanostructured supports enables the integration of multiple functionalities with potential synergistic effects. In addition, the assembly of the multicomponent materials on support can overcome problems exhibited by ‘free’ materials including poor solubility, and limited physicochemical stability.

This thesis has shown the versatility of catalytic, or photocatalytic-supported multicomponent nanomaterials, which can open the path to promising applications in areas including environmental remediation, ROS-based biomedical treatments or energy conversion with the added capability to further exploit their magnetoplasmic properties.