11 July

6th Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium (NCEM-6)

Wednesday 11 July 2018, 08:00am - Friday 13 July 2018, 05:00pm

The Møller Centre, Cambridge, UK

Commercialisation of carbon nanotechnologies has the potential to drive innovative and competitive industry change, by enabling key advances in many manufacturing sectors such as: energy, automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics and biotechnology. The Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials (NCEM) consortium has been put forward by the Centre for Business Innovation Ltd (, in order to provide the consortium members a unique inside into carbon nanotechnologies and an opportunity to address commercialisation challenges. The consortium leader is Dr Bojan Boskovic, CEO of Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd (

Involved ICN2 Researcher: Dr César Moreno, Senior Researcher at Atomic Manipulation and Spectroscopy Group - Invited Talk: "Holey graphene by Lego chemistry"

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