07 December

Application of Diffraction Anomalous Near Edge Structure (DANES)

Friday 07 December 2018, 03:00pm

ALBA Synchrotron - Maxwell Auditorium

ALBA Synchrotron Seminar 

By Chang-Yong Kim of Canadian Light Source

Abstract: Diffraction Anomalous Near Edge Structure (DANES) is combination of X-ray diffraction and absorption spectroscopy obtained by measuring specific Bragg diffraction intensities while scanning incident X-ray energy across absorption edge of selected element. Similar to its counterpart (X-ray absorption near edge structure, XANES) DANES can probe atomic and electronic structure of the edge element and furthermore it is specific to target crystalline phase in case of mixed-phase sample or specific to atomic site if the element occupies crystallographically inequivalent multiple sites.

As example studies, local structure of Ga dopant occupying symmetric-inequivalent sites in thermoelectric material Co4Sb12 and polarization-dependent DANES from -Fe2O3 nanoparticle will be presented in the talk.