04 February

7th edition of the Interdisciplinary Meeting of Predoctoral Researchers (JIPI)

Monday 04 February 2019, 08:50am

Paranymph of the University of Barcelona

This conference has become a meeting point for all predoctoral researchers in Catalonia. It offers the possibility to meet researchers of many other fields, learn about their interests and put ideas in common.

It also aims at answering some unpleasant questions such as:

  • Who might be interested in my research?
  • Is it useful?
  • What can I do after the PhD?

The meeting consists on a series of short talks (flash talks) divided in various sessions along the event. The fields addressed go from Physics, Chemistry or Engineering to Medicine, Sociology or Philology, as in the previous editions, and we welcome all fields of knowledge! You can also present your research as a poster during one of our coffee breaks. You can find all the information in our website. Additionally, some debates, networking activities and workshops will take place during the day.

Deadline for submitting the abstract for flash talk or poster -  4 January 2019

Deadline for registration - 12 January 2019

Event Website