18 February

Conductive MOFs as Multifunctional Materials: Design, Properties, and Devices

Monday 18 February 2019, 12:00pm

Sala d'Actes Carles Miravitlles ICMAB, Campus UAB

ICMAB Invited Seminar

by Dr. Katherine A. Mirica, Dartmouth College,  USA

Abstract: The discovery and development of multifunctional materials, in which more than one property coexist, can enable unprecedented approaches to addressing challenges in healthcare, energy conversion and storage, and environmental stewardship. A class of multifunctional materials based on electrically conductive metal−organic frameworks (MOFs) is uniquely accessible through bottom-up self-assembly from extremely modular molecular building blocks. This unique feature enables bottom-up synthetic control over emergent and synergistically-integrated structure-property relationships in the solid state.

This presentation will describe the design and implementation of nanostructured two-dimensional MOFs as highly versatile components in electroanalytical devices and in electrically-actuated gas capture and release.Emphasis will be placed on the molecular design of targeted structure-property relationships, spectroscopic analysis of MOF-analyte interactions, and assessments of the functional utility in devices. Bolstered by fundamental spectroscopic analysis of MOF-analyte interactions, this presentation will highlight the broad potential of conductive MOFs as multifunctional materials.  

Hosted by Anna Laromaine, N&N group at ICMAB