ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

Barcelona Nanocluster

ICN2 Seminars

ICN2 Theses Defence

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

24 January

BIST Symposium on Microscopy, Nanoscopy and Imaging Sciences

Friday 24 January 2020, 09:00am

Organised by Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST)

ICN2 Involved Researcher: ICREA Prof. Jordi Arbiol, Advanced Electron Nanoscopy Group Leader - Coordinator

The event will include a series of short talks featuring experts in various fields such as Optical Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, Imaging Technology and approaches in Astrophysics, among others


ICFO, Castelldefels, Barcelona

Training Event

04 February

Creating Social Value with Nanotechnology

04 February 2020 - 07 February 2020

WINTER SCHOOL for early stage researchers organized by the European Project GoNano.

Designed to impart the findings from the project to early stage researchers and to address concepts such as RRI, co-creation, and communication applied to nanotechnology. 

RMIT, Europe, Barcelona

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

26 May


Tuesday 26 May 2020, 08:00am - 29 May 2020

30th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors

ICN2 Involved researcherss:

Prof. Arben Merkoçi, Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group Leader - Member of the Organising Committee

Prof. Laura M. Lechuga, NanoBiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications Group Leader - Plenary Speaker

Busan, South Korea

02 June


02 June 2020 - 04 June 2020

The largest European event in Graphene & 2D Materials. 

Coorganised by ICN2, ICREA Prof. Stephan Roche, Theoretical and Computational Nanoscience Group Leader, member of the Committee

Grenoble, France