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22 October

II Edició dels Premis SCN² Dresselhaus

Orientat a estudiants de grau que han realitzat el seu Treball de Final de Grau en el curs passat (octubre 2019 a setembre 2020) sobre Nanociència i Nanotecnologia. 

El Jurat estarà composat per estudiants de Doctorat Voluntaris com a estratègia de formació i creació de xarxes única: aprendre a crear un pòster aprenent com s’avalua des del punt de vista del jurat .http://www.scn2.cat/premis/jurats/ 

Data limit per presentar els treballs: 30 Octubre 2020

Training Event

22 October


22 October 2020 - 23 October 2020

ONLINE EVENT - REGISTER HERE before 11 October 2020

ICMAB Summer School on Optically Controlled Ferroelectric Memristors

ICN2 Theses Defence

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22 October


Thursday 22 October 2020, 03:00pm

A Virtual Workshop to boost Catalan research on SARS-CoV-2

Did you know that Catalonia is leading over 60 research projects on the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus? Would you like to learn more about some of the top projects?

ICN2 Involved  Researcher: Dr Maria Soler, Senior Researcher at Nanobiosensors and Bioanalytical Applications Group (NanoB2A) at ICN2 

Registration deadline: October 20 - REGISTER HERE

Barcelona Nanocluster

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23 October

BIST Colloquim Series

Friday 23 October 2020, 05:00pm

Lectures and discussions with international researchers, providing broad exposure to multidisciplinary research

Next Colloquium: 

October 21, 17:00 - 18:00h  Prof. Fabrizio d’Adda, IFOM Italy, Invited by DCEXS 

26 October

2020 BIST Annual Conference - Building a sustainable world together

26 October 2020 - 29 October 2020


(Note that you will have to register to each day separately)

This fourth edition of the BIST Annual Conference will focus on the latest developments in an area of priority for BIST research: sustainability.

ICN2 Involved researcher: Dr. Neus Domingo, Advanced AFM Laboratory Platform Leader and CSIC Distinguished Researcher at Oxide Nanophysics Group - RoundtableClosing the Gender Gap in Research: Collective Challenges Ahead

Barcelona Nanocluster

ICN2 participated Congresses and Workshops

30 October

Inside Retina 2020

Friday 30 October 2020, 10:00am


2nd Retina Barraquer Meeting

Involved ICN2 Researcher: Prof. Jose A. Garrido, Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group Leader - Invited Conference