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Guillermo Orts-Gil

Science relations and communications

Talk title: Multisectorial science engagement: from school to parliament

Abstract:There are no formulas to understand everything, but we keep trying with the best we have: science. Nevertheless, science is not enough to heal diseases or to find solutions to other society´s needs. Among the external groups who are relevant to science (politicians, policy-makers, managers or citizens) and the supportive activities involved (marketing, communication, diplomacy), there are sometimes immense gaps. Facing these gaps is not a trivial question. Fortunately, we have learned something on the way.

In this talk I will try to present some stories, going from the school to the parliament, in which I have used instruments based on neuroscience and modern communication, in order to fill these gaps. This is the story of someone who started doing experiments at home and finished speaking in front of a Minister, always trying to understand with the best we have: science.

Bio: Guillermo Orts-Gil holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Technical University of Berlin, where he has studied Scientific Communication and Marketing. He has been the Head of the Nanotechnology Group at the Max Planck Society, Director of Communications of the Society of Spanish Scientists in Germany and International Science Coordinator of several institutions, among others the Embassy of Spain in Berlin. He has visited master classes in scientific writing at The Guardian and has been guest speaker at institutions such as the Berlin School of Management, the MIT in Boston and the Gutenberg Campus of the UPF in Barcelona. He also writes for media such as CCCBLab, The Huffington Post and the magazine Investigación y Ciencia, the Spanish edition of Scientific American, with focus on science storytelling.

Among his latest initiatives is the launch of the hashtag #ComunicaCiencia and the audiovisual project www.elcientificosinformulas.com