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Séan MacCarthy

Director Hyperion Ltd.

Course title: Getting ready for Horizon Europe

Course content:

The Next Framework Programme (Horizon Europe) will be launched in 2021. The planning for this Programme started at the beginning of 2017. This two hour workshop has been designed to help Directors and Senior Support Staff to monitor (or influence) the development of the Programme. This will be important when preparing strategies for the period 2021 to 2027.

The workshop covers the following items:

  • Formal process for preparing the Next Framework Programme
  • Organisations that will be consulted in the preparation
  • Documents that will used at the different phases of the preparation.
  • Issues (Political, Economic, Social and Technical) that will influence the content

This workshop is based on Seán McCarthy’s ongoing analysis of the debate and 38 years working with the previous 8 Framework Programmes.

For more information, visit the course website.

Bio: The programme will be presented by Dr. Sean McCarthy of Hyperion Ltd (www.hyperion.ie). In 2017 the European Commission published a list of the top 100 universities and research organisations participating in Horizon 2020. Dr. McCarthy has delivered training courses in 74 of these top 100 universities and research organisations.

Since 1995 over 76,000 participants have attended his courses in 29 countries. He has presented training courses on the Framework programmes in over 290 research centres throughout Europe (www.hyperion.ie/clients.htm).

Sean has been active in the Framework programmes since 1980. He has been involved in over 150 research proposals to the Framework programmes and has participated in over 60 Framework projects. In 16 of these projects he was the coordinator. Four of Hyperion contracts has been audited by the European Commission. Today he does not participate in the Framework programmes but concentrates on designing and delivering training courses for organizations who participate in the programmes. More details can be found on www.hyperion.ie/seanmccarthy.htm