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Susie Cullinane

Projects Manager
Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT, Ireland)

Olga Roig

International Projects Manager
Research, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer in Terrestrial Ecology (CREAF, Catalonia)

Talk title: EARMA Certificate in Research Management: the good, the bad and the ugly

Abstract: There are many e global challenges coming the research manager’s way, including an increasing complex research environment, decreasing levels of funding, increasing competition, competing demands on academic staff, and growing data management and security demands (IPR) competing with open access and in general Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) requirements. In this complex environment, the research support manager must provide his or her own training and also ensure the due skills to better complement researchers such as understanding the complexities of culture and diversity of multi-country collaborations and possess excellent collaborative and leadership skills which are necessary to managing European projects successfully. As Research managers we must be adaptive in a changing environment and pragmatic with highly effective knowledge elicitation, communication and visioning skills (Robertson DW). Offered by EARMA, The Certificate in Research Management (CRM) is a fully accredited professional qualification for professional research managers employed in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs) and Research Funding Organisations (RFOs). As cohort 2 students, we will share with participants our personal experiences, our expectations and the positive and negative results of undertaking the CRM.