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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Prof Pablo Ordejón participates in the second ‘Encontre Recerca i Empresa’

The encounters between research and leading business of the market have the aim to strengthen partnerships between them. In the framework of the NOVUM festival, Ajuntament de Barcelona organized such a reunion, were scientists and businessmen got in touch. Prof Pablo Ordejón was among the four invited speakers.

On Monday April 13, it took place the second encounter between research and enterprises organized by Ajuntament de Barcelona at La Virreina: Centre de la Imatge. It was in the framework of NOVUM, the festival of Science, Technology and Innovation which takes place in Barcelona from April 14 to April 30.

Under the leitmotiv ‘Ideas to inspire, move and stimulate the creative thinking’, the aim of the encounter was to join efforts among some of the leading business of the market and research centres. For that, there were invited four scientists and over fifty businessmen. The four researchers were: Dr M? Victoria Sanchez from IDIBAPS, Dr Silvia Carrasco from ICFO, Prof Ricard Solé from ICREA-Complex Systems Lab and Prof Pablo Ordejón, director of the ICN2.

Each of them talked for about ten minutes to explain what is going on at their Institutions and some of the leading research lines and its possible applications. Specifically, Dr Sanchez talked about virtual reality, Dr Carrasco about photonics and its connection with society, Prof Solé about complex systems and terraforming and Prof Ordejón about nano and its presence everywhere. Specifically, he remarked the targets of ICN2 and its main projects. He also explained what the nano concept means and how can be applied in many fields. He manifested that at the ICN2 are willing to help enterprises to enter this line of research and invest in it.

After the speaking led by the four scientists, there was a question time and the encounter ended with a speech by Inés Garriga, Director of Creativity and Innovation at the Ajuntament de Barcelona, and organizer of the festival. Once finished the session, speakers and businessmen could make some networking between them.

In the same framework, on April 15, ICREA Professor and Group Leader Daniel Maspoch will introduce the conference by Javier Garcia Martinez, Rive Technology Inc co-founder, at the Saló de Cent in the Ajuntament de Barcelona.