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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Industry and nanotechnology researchers meet to discuss opportunities and challenges

The Llotja de Mar de Barcelona hosted today the IX edition of the Industrial Applications of Nanotechnology (AIN). ICN2, the Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA) and LEITAT, together with the Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona, celebrated this yearly event in a very friendly and constructive environment.

The Conference on Industrial Applications of Nanotechnology (AIN), held today in the Llotja de Mar de Barcelona, is a joint effort of ICN2, the Instituto de Nanociencia de Aragón (INA) and LEITAT, together with the Cambra de Comerc de Barcelona. Over 100 attendees, from over 70 institutions, joined today to discuss about the latest advances in nanotechnology that could have an impact in the market.

The Conference started with a warm welcome from Jordi Reverter, Head of Knowledge and Technology Transfer at ICN2, Prof. Jesus Santamaria, Subdirector at INA, and Joan Parra, General Manager at LEITAT. They underlined the importance of working together with industry in order to accelerate the implementation of the discoveries developed in the nanoworld.

The first two speakers were Rosina Malagrida, Head of Public Engagement on Health Research at IRSICaixa and very active in RRI European Projects such as RRI Tools, and Dr. Yolanda de Miguel, Nanotechnology Cluster Leader at Tecnalia. Both underlined the importance of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and safety. European initiatives are deepening in the ways to communicate and safely develop nanotechnology applications.

Manual Doblaré, Scientific Director at Abengoa Research, offered a critical view about the way academy, research and industry interact. After recognising that these relations are evolving and becoming more efficient, he presented some success cases led by Abengoa Research. He encouraged companies and inventors to look for one-to-one relations in addition to the traditional consortiums. He suggested that a direct relationship might be more productive.

The Conference ended with two round tables to discuss hot topics related with nanotechnologies: Energy and textile industry. Both round tables generated a lively debate among a rich panel of speakers and the attendees. Nanotechnology applications are real today, but may become much more influential in the close future. Challenges and opportunities were discussed in a friendly environment.

In 2016 the Conference on Industrial Applications of Nanotechnology (AIN) will hold its X edition. Until then, the organizers of the event and all the companies and attendees that made it possible are available to discuss new collaborations.