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Thursday, 24 October 2019

Innovation applied to Innovation, a workshop to reflect about the boundaries of technology transference

Today and tomorrow this workshop organised by the ICN2, the ICMAB and the Alba Synchrotron offers an engaging programme and a lively discussion. Funded by Interreg POCTEFA and TNSI it offers an innovative approach to innovation and technology transference.

The Alba Synchrotron hosted today the first day of a two-day event to discuss about innovation, technology transference and opportunities to improve the way we innovate. Entitled “Innovation applied to innovation” the event programme offers an approach to different innovation strategies from companies, reseach centers and institutions, but also from unusual points of view such as cookers.

The event started with a warm welcome from the Alba Synchrotron Director, Caterina Biscari. She offered an overview of the great R&I potential of the infrastructure she leads. Ana Birulés, former Spanish Minister of Science and Technology, took the ground to recall the times when the Alba Synchrotron was only an idea and finally became a real center. She stressed the importance of creating multidisciplinary teams that work together to promote public efforts and investments. The conception of the Alba Synchrotron was a long but successful story.

The event offers today a programme including an overview of initiatives such as BIST, delivered by Clara Barrenechea. BIST joins the efforts of seven leading research institutions and creates close collaboration and educational opportunities. Jorge López Reig, from CDTI, and Xavier Farràs, from ESADE, will also offer their views together with Ramon Perisé Moré, from Mugaritz, who will bring a new flavour to the discussion. Visit the event programme to learn about the rest of companies and institutions who will enrich the debate today and tomorrow. A poster session will also be celebrated, including a poster from the ICN2 Business and Innovation team.

The event was organised by the ICN2, through the Group Leader ICREA Prof. Aitor Mugarza, ICMAB and the Alba Synchrotron. It was possible thanks to the financial support from Interreg POCTEFA and Transpyrenean Node for Scientific Instrumentation (TNSI). The event offers an engaging programme combined with the possibility to visit an extraordinary infrastructure such as Alba Synchrotron.