Inorganic Nanoparticles

Group Leader: Víctor F. Puntes


16 Dec

The workshop on Environmental Monitoring and Remediation


The First Severo Ochoa Workshop on Environment aims at bringing together leading academic scientists, researchers, scholars and industry representatives to exchange and share their experiences and results on all the aspects involved in pollutant detection, monitoring, scavenging and degradation. The workshop topics will also cover the life-cycle of nanomaterials as potential pollutants and their impact on the ecosystem.

The event is organised by:

  • Dr. Neus Bastús, CSIC Tenured Scientist at Inorganic Nanoparticles Group at ICN2
  • Dr. Maria José Esplandiu, CSIC Scientific Researcher at Magnetic Nanostructures Group at ICN2
  • Jessica Casandra Ramírez, Doctoral Student at Magnetic Nanostructures Group at ICN2

SUBMIT your abstract HERE before Monday 3 December.