Nanoimprint Lithography Platform

Platform Leader: Nikos Kehagias

Main Research Lines

  • Nanoimprint lithography (thermal and/or ultraviolet-assisted)

  • Roll-to-roll nanoimprint lithography

  • Solvent-based nanoimprint lithography

  • Nano-injection moulding

  • Block copolymer (BCP) self-assembly/graphoexitaxy

  • Step-and-repeat nanoimprint lithography

  • Hierarchical micro/nano patterning

  • Flexible processing: In-line and off-line dimensional nanometrology


The Nanoimprint Lithography Platform is constantly developing novel approaches and methods for nanoscale device-related research. This flexible fabrication laboratory has pioneered research in nanofabrication (nanoimprint lithography, incl. NIL and roll-to-roll, nano-injection moulding, self-assembly and others) with the aim of demonstrating the feasibility of large area, high volume and low-cost nano-enabled products. We offer a unique set of nanoimprint lithography tools capable of imprinting up to 300 mm thick wafers onto various materials and substrates. We combine imprint-based lithography techniques to achieve large area micro/nano structured functional surfaces.

Our advanced manufacturing technology has been developed to the point where 3D and sub 50 nm patterning is feasible, with high throughput capabilities.

The added functionality allowed by introducing micro/nano structures onto surfaces will have a big impact on various industrial sectors. Sustainable production and products can be expected from our novel manufacturing approach, enhancing the performance of targeted products by improving their functionality and keeping production costs down.

The platform has developed a flexible and adaptable fabrication method to create complex hierarchical structures within polymer materials. These hybrid surfaces can exhibit both Lotus and Petal effects depending on their distinctive mechanical behaviours.

For more information:

Brochure: Large Area Nanoimprint Lithography Services

Platform Leader

Nikos Kehagias

Dr Nikolaos Kehagias graduated from the Physics department of Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2002. He has a Master degree in “Physics of laser communications” from Essex University, UK. He obtained his PhD in 2007 from the National university of Ireland, Cork where he continued to work as a post doctoral fellow until May 2008.

He joined the ICN in May 2008, first as member of the Phononic and Photonic Nanostructures Group. In 2010 he became Division Leader of the Nanofabrication Division and since 2014 he leads the Flexible Nanofabrication Platfom.

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