Nanomaterials Growth Unit

Unit Leader: José Santiso


Prof. Kostas Kostarelos claims scientists should be back in the labs as ‘essentials’ to face COVID-19 emergency

In an opinion article published today by Nature Nanotechnology, Prof. Kostas Kostarelos shares his views on what may be going wrong in the fight against COVID-19 and how the nanoscience community could contribute. He suggests applying the three key principles in managing an individual cancer patient: early detection, monitoring and targeting. Prof. Kostas Kostarelos recently became Senior Group Leader at the ICN2 after a long-standing collaboration that is now reinforced through the ICN2 Severo Ochoa talent attraction strategy. He will continue directing the Nanomedicine Lab at the University of Manchester, while also leading the new ICN2 Nanomedicine Group.

Epitaxial strain to get transparent materials

The ICN2 has participated in a research led by the ICMAB-CSIC and the ALBA Synchrotron to study the optical transport properties of transition metal oxides for photovoltaics applications.

Understanding the defect structure in complex oxides

Check the Advanced Functional Materials Video Abstract explaining a recent collaboration between ICN2 and ICMAB published under the title "The misfit dislocation core phase in complex oxide heteroepitaxy". Dr. Núria Bagués and Dr. José Santiso are it first authors, while Dr. Felip Sandiumenge is the last author.

When Prof. Bilge Yildiz came to the ICN2

Associate professor and group leader Prof. Bilge Yildiz describes her research on corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement in energy conversion systems, also sharing her views on what traits define her colleagues at the MIT. Watch the video here.

Mechanism for self-arrangement of a 2D misfit dislocation array in complex oxide epitaxial ultrathin films

Researchers from ICN2, together with colleagues from ICMAB, MIT and the University of Belgrade, have followed the formation and self-organisation of misfit dislocations in mismatched epitaxial films. They were able to form a perfect array of parallel lines with nanometre separation. Dr José Santiso, Division Leader of the ICN2 Nanomaterials Growth Division, is the first author of the article, together with Dr Jaume Roqueta.

High School students visit the UAB Campus to celebrate the Science Week

Students from the Institut Font del Ferro (Palafolls) visited the UAB Campus, including the ICN2, to learn about its research facilities and unexpected career opportunities. During the visit to ICN2 Dr. Ignasi Fina, from the Oxide Nanoelectronics Group, Josep Santiso, Nanomaterials Growth Division Leader, and Belén Ballesteros, Electron Microscopy Divison Leader, guided the students through the nanoworld together with the Marketing and Communication Department.