Group Leader: Kostas Kostarelos

Kostas Kostarelos

Kostas Kostarelos

Severo Ochoa Distinguished Professor and Group Leader

Group Leader

Prof. Kostas Kostarelos read Chemistry at the University of Leeds and obtained his Diploma in Chemical Engineering and his PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, studying the steric stabilization of liposomes using block copolymer molecules.

He carried out his postdoctoral training in various medical institutions in the USA (UCSF, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cornell). Following his promotion to Assistant Professor of Genetic Medicine and Chemical Engineering in Medicine at Cornell University Weill Medical College, he relocated to the UK as the Deputy Director of Imperial College Genetic Therapies Centre in 2002. In 2007 Kostarelos was awarded the first personal Chair of Nanomedicine in the UK and was Head of the Centre for Drug Delivery at the UCL School of Pharmacy in London.

The whole Nanomedicine Lab was recruited by the University of Manchester in 2013, while Prof. Kostarelos also maintained an Honorary Professorship with University College London.

Currently, Kostarelos is Professor and Chair of Nanomedicine at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, leads the Nanomedicine Lab and is a member of the National Graphene Institute and the Manchester Cancer Research Centre, all at the University of Manchester. He has been invited to Fellowships with the Royal Society of Chemistry, Royal Society of Medicine and Royal Society of Arts, all in the UK. He was awarded the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Professorial Fellowship in 2010.

In 2019 he joined the ICN2 as Severo Ochoa Distinguished Professor and Group Leader, while retaining his appointments and research team at the University of Manchester.



  • Full-bandwidth electrophysiology of seizures and epileptiform activity enabled by flexible graphene microtransistor depth neural probes

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  • A method for the measurement of mass and number of graphene oxide sheets in suspension based on non-spherical approximations

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  • Transient reprogramming of postnatal cardiomyocytes to a dedifferentiated state

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  • Trends in Micro-/Nanorobotics: Materials Development, Actuation, Localization, and System Integration for Biomedical Applications

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