Nanostructured Functional Materials

Group Leader: Daniel Ruiz-Molina



    • Xiaoman Mao

      Platinum-based Nanostructured Polymers for Glioblastoma Treatment

    • Carolina Casagualda

      Sulphide-sulphide bond as a toolkit for the modular synthesis of (multi ) functional mussel -inspired coatings

    • Noemi Contreras

      Synthesis and electronic characterization of triphenylene-based materials


    • Hector Torres

      Fast responsive photochromic materials through nanoemulsion entrapment


    • Alex Julià

      Chromogenic and fluorogenic materials based on micro and nanocapsules

    • Salvio Suárez

      Colloidal coordination polymer nanostructures: novel thermochromic and bioimaging probes

    • Álex Ayala

      Desarrollo de Microcápsulas de Fragancias con Materiales de Alta Disponibilidad Comercial para su Uso en Detergencia.


    • David Montpeyó

      Nanotechnological strategies for coating and encapsulation of therapeutic proteins

    • Christian Bellacanzone

      Tuning the poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives emission properties by phase change materials and sonochemistry


    • Núria Vázquez

      Encapsulation of stimuli-responsive molecules for the preparation of photofunctional materials

    • Mireia Guardingo

      Interfacial Chemistry of Catechol-based Nanostructures


    • Juliane Simmchen

      Movements at the nanoscale: Catalytically and light driven micromotors
      Director Dr. Alejandro Baeza García / Dr. Daniel Ruiz Molina