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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Researchers Award 2009 - Real Sociedad Espanola de Fisica - awarded to Dr. Amelia Barreiro

Dr Amelia Barreiro, received the award for her work in her doctoral thesis undertaken at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN)

The board of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics (Real Sociedad Espanola de Fisica) on 16th December 2010, announced the winners of the 2009 RSEF-FBBVA (Fundación Banco Bilbao-Vizcaya-Argentaria) Awards. Dr Amelia Barreiro, who was previously a doctoral student in the Quantum Nanoelectronics Research group at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology (ICN, located in Barcelona, Spain) and is now working at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), was one of the young winners, receiving the well-deserved New Researcher in Experiemental Physics Award. All her ex-colleagues at ICN congratulate her on this prestigious achievement!

The Physics awards ceremony was held on 16th May 2011 at the headquarters of Fundación BBVA, Palacio del Marqués de Salamanca, in Madrid.

The subject of the award was the work defended by Dr. Amelia Barreiro in her doctoral thesis titled "Carbon based electronics: from nanotube based thermal motors to graphene in the high-current limit", presented by Dr. Barreiro at ICN on 24th July 2009 and under the direction of Dr. Adrian Bachtold, Principal Researcher and Group Leader of the Quantum Nanoelectronics Group who continues with his research at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnolgy.