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Monday, 23 April 2012

ICN Director interviewed on radio station COMRadio

Prof Jordi Pascual was the guest on the latest edition of COMRadio’s science programme “Eureka!”, hosted by Monica López

During the nearly 40-minute interview, he explained Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, described ICN and its research, and weighed in on the current state of science in Catalonia

ICN Director Jordi Pascual was recently interviewed for the popular science and technology programme "Eureka!", on public radio station COMRadio (91.0 FM). The interview, which lasted nearly 40 minutes, was broadcast yesterday morning and is accessible online.

Starting with definitions of the words "nano" and "nanometre", host Monica López began the interview by asking Prof Pascual to explain the nanoscale in his own terms. This was followed by a range of questions on the history, semantics and basic principles of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. After covering a wealth of statistics about ICN, the interview then shifted to the science done at the Institute, dealing with various projects from several of ICN's research groups. This opened up an extended talk on nanotechnology applications for health, among other areas. They then discussed some of the potential benefits and risks of nanotechnology. The ICN Director highlighted the success of ICN and the vision of Catalan economist and policy maker Andreu Mas-Colell in creating the CERCA research centres, explaining how small Catalan research centres like ICN can should ideally function and how they can best contribute to modern technology. Lastly, Ms. López asked Prof Pascual for his insight into the status quo of research in Catalonia, in light of the drastic cuts in research funding recently made by the Spanish government. Prof Pascual maintained his characteristic reserved optimism, affirming that despite certain challenges, now is an excellent time for science done here.

'For the first time in Catalonia, research is starting to matter,' he said.

The interview can be streamed or downloaded from the “Eureka!” website.