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Thursday, 17 May 2012

ICN to be represented at UAB-CEI’s 1st Workshop on Nanomedicine

Jordi Reverter, Technology Transfer Manager at ICN, is on the Scientific Committee of the Workshop, to be held on 5 June on the Bellaterra campus of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

The event, organised by UAB Campus of International Excellence (UAB-CEI), aims to promote research and innovation in Nanomedicine at the European and Catalan levels.

Jordi Reverter, Technology Transfer Manager at ICN, is serving on the Scientific Committee of UAB-CEI's First Workshop on Nanomedicine, to be held on UAB's Bellaterra campus on 5 June, at the Hotel Campus.

Among the principal objectives of this conference is to highlight UAB-CEI's strengths in nanomedicine, as a recognised Campus of Excellence comprising the University, research centres and a hospital complex. To this end, the organisers have designed the Workshop to foster synergies among researchers from the UAB ecosystem and abroad and to enable them to establish collaborations.

Speakers will include experts on European and national science policy, who will help attendees to define potential growth areas in nanomedicine research and innovation.

The official language of the Workshop, for all activities, will be English.


For more information on the Workshop, click here.