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Thursday, 05 July 2012

GRAPHENE-CA publishes highlights of first year

GRAPHENE-CA, the Pilot Action for the FET Flagship GRAPHENE, has just published a summary of its 1st year, organised by ICREA Research Professor and ICN Group Leader Stephan Roche.

Graphene-Driven Revolutions in ICT and Beyond (GRAPHENE) is one of six FET Flagships competing for €1 billion in research funding from the European Commission, for the 10-year period 2013-2023. GRAPHENE brings academic researchers together with industry and includes universities, companies and institutes from Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

The publication, organised by ICN Group Leader Prof Stephan Roche, will be distributed to the European Commission, European funding agencies and other influential research policy organisations. Over the past year, GRAPHENE-CA members have devised a roadmap for graphene-based ICT research and have held numerous meetings and consulting events to lay the groundwork for the GRAPHENE Flagship in the European Commissions' FET Flagship competition.

The European Commission, through the ICT branch of its 7th Framework Programme (FP7), is currently holding a competition in which six large-scale project proposals, known as FET Flagships, are competing for a total of €1 billion in research funding, to be awarded to two of the projects and distributed over the ten-year period 2013-2023. Each of these Flagships has an associated Pilot Action, a preparatory initiative in which the Flagship members prepare for their 10-year project.

GRAPHENE-CA is the Pilot Action for the FET Flagship "Graphene-Driven Revolutions in ICT and Beyond" (GRAPHENE), which seeks to bring together a focused, interdisciplinary European research community aimed at engendering a radical technology shift in information and communication technology by exploiting the unique properties of graphene and related two-dimensional materials. Graphene research is an example of an emerging translational nanotechnology where discoveries in academic laboratories are rapidly transferred to applications and commercial products. Graphene and related materials have the potential to make a profound impact in ICT in the short and long term: Integrating graphene components with silicon-based electronics, and gradually replacing silicon in some applications, allows not only substantial performance improvements but, more importantly, it enables completely new applications.

The GRAPHENE Flagship is being coordinated by Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, and includes researchers from ICN, the Universities of Manchester, Lancaster, and Cambridge (UK), the Italian National Research Council, AMO GmbH (Germany), the Nokia Corporation (Finland) and the European Science Foundation.

ICN is represented in two FET Flagship initiatives: by Prof Roche, in GRAPHENE, and by Group Leader Prof Dr Clivia Sotomayor-Torres, in Guardian Angels (GA), which seeks to develop technologies for extremely energy-efficient, smart, electronic personal companions that will assist humans from infancy to old age.

The GRAPHENE-CA Highlights pamphlet can be accessed here.

A copy of a recent report on the GRAPHENE Flagship (pdf format) can be requested by sending an e-mail to Stephan.Roche@icn.cat.

Watch a video explaining the FET Flagship GRAPHENE here.

Watch a video explaining graphene (the material itself) here.

The GRAPHENE-CA Highlights pamphlet can be accessed here.

A copy of a recent report on the GRAPHENE Flagship (pdf format) can be requested by sending an e-mail toStephan.Roche@icn.cat.Watch a video explaining the FET Flagship GRAPHENE here.

Watch a video explaining graphene (the material itself) here.