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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ICN researchers publish review on sensing and destroying pesticides

Publishing in Chemical Reviews, ICREA and UAB professor Arben Merkoci and colleagues give an extensive overview of the state-of-the-art in nanomaterials for sensing and destroying pesticides.

ICREA and UAB professor Arben Merkoci, who heads ICN’s Nanobioelectronics and Biosensors Group, and Group members Gemma Aragay and Flavio Pino, have just published a review article in Chemical Reviews, entitled “Nanomaterials for Sensing and Destroying Pesticides”.

The authors begin by discussing traditional methods for detecting pesticides and the major classes of currently used pesticides, and then cover the two principal families of nanotechnology-based sensing methods: Optical Sensing (including optical-based immunosensors, enzyme-based optical strategies, MIPs and other host–guest-like systems) and Electrochemical Sensing (including electrochemical-based immunosensors, enzyme-based electrochemical systems,  and other types). They then explain nanotechnology methods for destruction and removal of pesticides, before providing an outlook on future research in the field, affirming that scientists must focus on developing “cost-efficient devices for rapid in-field pesticide detection/screening in polluted areas.”

Concern over the safety and environmental toxicity of pesticides, especially those used for agricultural, is fuelling research into devices for on-site sensing and/or destruction of these compounds.

The article, “Nanomaterials for Sensing and Destroying Pesticides”, can be accessed here.