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Monday, 25 March 2013

New NanoWiki book: “Nanoparticles before Nanotechnology”

ICREA Research Professor and ICN Group Leader Victor Puntes and collaborators publish their latest book from the NanoWiki series in science dissemination

The NanoWiki team, led by ICREA Research Professor and ICN Group Leader Victor Puntes, have just published their latest book, "Nanoparticles before Nanotechnology". Written by team members Josep Saldana and Joan Escofet, through support from ICN, nanoaracat and the Centre for NanoBioSafety and Sustainability (CNBSS), the book is available in digital and print format.

Having found several misconceptions regarding the origin of nanoparticles in the general media, the team was prompted to set the record straight with this year's NanoWiki book. They sought to clarify the widely held notions that all nanoparticles are man-made objects and that nanoparticles have only come into contact with people and environment in the past two decades.

In "Nanoparticles before Nanotechnology" they describe various examples of natural nanoparticles, such as those found in volcanic ash or those produced by burning wood. They also explain that nanoparticles are present in objects created or used by people that vastly predate the Nanotechnology Era, such as ceramics, coloured glass and milk.

The Book also includes several examples of state-of-the-art nanoparticles research, while covering issues of major social impact, such as the definition, handling, use, testing, labelling and regulation of nanomaterials.

Finally, as part of their continuing efforts to bring nano closer to the general public, the authors included various hands-on experiments that teach nanoscale phenomena in a fun and straightforward way.

In keeping with tradition, the authors included several Electron Microscopy (SEM and TEM) images from real Nanoscience research, mainly of self-assembled monolayers of cobalt nanoparticles (as well as gold and different oxides). However, for this year's book, they also included several images from the Nano Forest, an impressive 3D virtual world created in the social website Second Life by collective HaxGrot (Ux Hax, Maria Grot and Romi Nayar, in collaboration with Lanjran Choche).

The previous ebooks in the NanoWiki series, also sponsored by ICN, were "Balancing the promises" (2010) and "Engines On" (2011).

To read “Nanoparticles before Nanotechnology”, click here

To download a free digital copy or purchase a print copy, click here