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Monday, 27 May 2013

Advanced Manufacturing consortium B30 is launched

ICN2 is a founding member of B30, which seeks to transform the inland portion of the Barcelona metropolitan area into an Advanced Manufacturing pole in Southern Europe.

B30 brings together more than 50 companies, research centres, universities, and business, government and labour organisations, all located just outside Barcelona.

A consortium of 53 companies, universities, research centres, local government agencies and other organisations hailing from some two dozen towns inland of Barcelona has just been formed with the aim of converting their region into an Advanced Manufacturing pole in Southern Europe. The group, known as B30, held its inaugural ceremony on 21 May at the ALBA synchrotron.

B30 seeks to harness the region's academic, research and manufacturing resources to boost the local economy through greater public private partnerships and technology transfer, to meet many of Catalonia's current economic objectives:

• Create jobs• Launch platforms for Advanced Manufacturing• Emphasise applied research• Have at least one large multinational company in the world's top 100• Acquire competitive funding through Europe's 2020 Horizon Programme

Advanced Manufacturing is characterised by high technology, automation, scalability and environmental soundness. The projects foreseen for B30 include launching of a biosensor development initiative through ICN2, construction of a data centre at the ALBA synchrotron park, creation of a logistics innovation centre in the town of Polinya and cultivation of the Barcelona Nanocluster, to which ICN2 belongs.

For more information on B30, visit their website (in Catalan):