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Friday, 19 December 2014

ICN2 in the media: SnowWorld

ICN2 and ICMAB might have a research laboratory on the formation of ice and snow at the SnowWorld resort, an artificial ski slope that a Dutch Company intends to develop in Barcelona. Dr. Albert Verdaguer appeared in different media to explain the project.

El Punt Avui TV, min. 22 (December 22, 2014)22El Mundo (Innovadores) (December 17, 2014)Agencia Catalana de Noticies (December 11, 2014)ABC (December 11, 2014)La Vanguardia (December 11, 2014)La Vanguardia (December 11, 2014)El Periódico (December 11, 2014)Vilaweb (December 11, 2014)BTV (December 11, 2014)ALDIA.CAT (December 11, 2014)