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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

ICN2 – Severo Ochoa video contest about Nanotechnology

Within the “Nanodevices for Social Challenges” Severo Ochoa Program activities, ICN2 will launch a video contest about the impact of nanotechnology in our everyday life. Stay tuned to learn more about it and participate!

Video is one of the richest formats to express yourself. ICN2 invites you to use it to express your opinion and dreams about nanotechnology. The “Nanodevices for Social Challenges” Severo Ochoa Program includes a series of dissemination activities to approach nanoscience and nanotechnology to society. The video contest that is being designed will involve international students, citizens and researchers in an original way to communicate nanotechnology.

Do you have a camera? Do you feel curiosity about the world surrounding you? Then you owe the essential ingredients to become one of our filmmakers. Short videos will be collected and analysed by a jury formed by academic and non-academic personalities. Stay tuned to learn more about the ways to participate in the contest and the prizes to win. There is nothing to lose!