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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Prof. Pablo Ordejón and Prof. Laura M. Lechuga participate in the dissemination activities of the CSIC’s 75th Anniversary

Prof. Pablo Ordejón and Prof. Laura M. Lechuga offered talks about their work and the impact of Nanotechnology. Those talks were an effort to bring closer to citizens the excellent research developed at CSIC-related research centers such as ICN2.

CSIC is celebrating its 75th Anniversary with a long list of events and dissemination activities. The Program of talks “Science today for a better tomorrow” joined some of the most outstanding CSIC researchers in a series of talks open to the general public. CSIC Prof Pablo Ordejon, Director of ICN2 and Group Leader of the ICN2 Theory and Simulation Group, and CSIC Prof Laura M. Lechuga, Group Leader of the Nanobiosensors and Bionalytical Applications Group, are among the speakers who recently shared their thoughts about the impact of research over society.

Prof Pablo Ordejón offered on January 26th a talk entitled “The breakthroughs that will change our lives: nanoscience and nanotechnology”. Prof Laura M Lechuga offered on January 19th a talk entitled “Nanomedicine: the revolution in health care”. Both investigators share a deep knowledge about the latest trends in nanoscience and a passion for communicating the exciting discoveries and possible futures that nanotechnology has to offer.

Find more information about the CSIC Anniversary Activities in Barcelona at: www.residencia-investigadors.es