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Thursday, 19 March 2015

ICN2 co-organizes an exposition about nanotechnology in the UAB Science library

The Science library from the UAB Campus hosts an exposition about nanotechnology organized by Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra (BNC-b) within the framework of ‘Nano in the UAB’.

The research at the ICN2 comes out from its building, together with the other members of the Barcelona Nanotechnology Cluster – Bellaterra, to show part of its content to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona’s students, professors and visitors. The library of the UAB’s Science building shares its space to host an exposition called ‘Tan petit i tan a prop’ (“So small and so close”) which gathers elements from the ICN2 Dimensio Nano exhibit and characteristic elements from each of the centers that form the BNC-b.

The exposition is held within the framework of the slogan ‘Nano in the UAB’ and will be there until the end of April. It is meant to be a brief summary of the big amount of nanothings that are happening around us in UAB Campus. The exposition also wants to encourage students to discover new careers related with nano and to know more about a research field with high potential which is offered in the BNC-b.

It has been possible thanks to the strong collaboration between the UAB Library staff, who initially discussed the idea with Prof Jordi Pascual, and all the members of the Nanocluster. Different institutions contributed to it bringing materials and images related with their research. It all shows how incredible the nanoworld is and also that there is a lot of work to do in this field of science and technology. As the field itself, the little exhibition is a vivid initiative, so let us know whether you want to add something to enrich it!