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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Watch the ICN2 exclusive interview to Luigi Colombo

Discover all you need to know about Graphene in the interview that ICN2 made to Luigi Colombo when he visited our Institute.

On March 9th, Luigi Colombo, from Texas Instruments Inc, came to the ICN2 to offer a talk about 2D Materials. During his visit we had the opportunity to talk to him in an exclusive interview. Watch the full interview and discover all you need to know about Graphene! The bonds between research and industry in the nanoworld, possible applications of Graphene, Catalonia’s role in the development of this material and, in general, the challenges and the future of 2D materials, where the main topics they discussed about.

Luigi Colombo is responsible for research and development of new materials and devices for analogue and logic applications at Texas Instruments. The speaker has also developed the first CVD graphene process on Cu in collaboration with UT Austin. As the main part of Mr Colombo’s visit, he gave a talk at the ICN2 Seminar Room entitled ‘2D Materials Growth: Prospects and Challenges’, which was the first of a series of conferences entitled ‘Manuel Cardona Conferences’.

Watch the full interview here.