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Friday, 29 April 2016

ICN2 celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 

On April 28 ICN2 Maintenance & Safety Department organized an event to discuss topics related with occupational health and safety. The activities included a review of the ICN2 preventive culture, some reflections on risk assessment in nanoparticles exposure and two training sessions, focused on Laboratory Safety Guidelines and working with Visual Display Units. 

ICN2 Maintenance & Safety Department organized on April 28, as part of the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work, a seminar including specific topics related with occupational health and safety. The event was focused on hazards associated with ICN2 workplaces and facilities and was part of an awareness-raising campaign intended to promote and create a safety and health culture that can help ICN2 people.

The institutional objective is to reduce even more the number of work-related injuries. The Maintenance & Safety Department’s commitment with safety is a commitment shared by all of the ICN2 personnel.

The event included a welcoming talk by Jose Pérez, ICN2 Health & Safety Officer, and Xavier Ros, Head of the ICN2 Maintenance & Safety Department. Their speech reflected about working towards gradually establishing a preventive culture. They discussed new safety-related Procedures and Instructions and focused on “Risk assessment in nanoparticles exposures during their chemical synthesis through a pilot Control Banding Tool” (Download the poster).

Afterwards, Dolors Giménez from Egarsat Prevenció offered a specific training about Laboratory Safety Guidelines. She reviewed some high interest issues such as: Chemical hazards; laboratory standard operating procedures; how to identify and evaluate chemical hazards using Safety Data Sheets and chemical label; handling and storage of chemical products; basic spill response procedure; and, proper use of PPE and fume hoods.

The event finished with a training session by Mercedes del Estal, from Egarsat Prevenció, about “Hazards working with Visual Display Units (VDU)”. Her presentation was oriented to enable computer workstation users to correctly identify potential problems which can result afrom incorrectly positioned or used workstations and the type of resulting injury. She offered  step-by-step run-through of how to avoid potential problems, including desk, keyboard, chair adjustments, monitor positioning, breaks, resting of eyes, etc.