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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

New SEM accessory allows ultrafast compositional nanoanalysis and mapping

Co-funded by the 2014-2018 Severo Ochoa programme, the ICN2 has recently acquired an X-Max Extreme Silicon Drift Detector for its FEI Magellan 400L scanning electron microscope.

The X-Max Extreme accessory for the ICN2 FEI Magellan 400L scanning electron microscope (SEM) allows analysis of samples at very low voltages and unprecedented resolution. The very low accelerating voltage is what enables mapping of surfaces or thin layers just a few atoms thick, eliminating the noise typically associated with surface characterisation at the nanoscale. Producing high quality maps in just a few minutes, it is the first detector that allows characterisation of lithium, the third lightest element.

After a period of commissioning overseen by Dr Belén Ballesteros, leader of the Electron Microscopy Unit, the X-Max Extreme Silicon Drift Detector (Oxford Instruments) is now available to users, both internal and external. See here for contact details.