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Tuesday, 05 November 2019

Graphene Flagship meeting on biomedical technologies

The research on biomedical technologies based on two-dimensional materials developed within the European Graphene Flagship is being discussed in these days at a dedicated convention held in Balcelona.

The 4th meeting of the work package dedicated to Biomedical Technologies of the Graphene Flagship is taking place in these days (4-5 November) in Barcelona, at the Casa de la Convalescencia. Launched in 2013 by the European Union with the aim of driving the development of innovative technologies based on graphene and other two-dimensional materials, the Graphene Flagship has already produced over 25 patents and allowed the creation of 9 spin-off companies, in particular in the fields of biomedical technologies, internet of things, and automotive.

The Biomedical Technologies branch of this multi-disciplinary research is focused on the development of implants and therapeutic devices to be applied in neurology, ophthalmology and surgery. The current status of the research carried out by the various groups – from many European institutes – is being presented at the ongoing meeting, which was opened yesterday by the two work package leaders: ICREA Prof. José Garrido, head of the ICN2 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices group and of the Strategy Development Area, and Prof. Kostas Kostarelos, Chair of Nanomedicine at the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences of the University of Manchester.

The presentations have been arranged in five sessions, mirroring the task structure of the work package. New results in materials engineering and in technology of neural devices and electronics were presented yesterday afternoon, while this morning it was the turn of reports on functionality and biocompatibility of devices, therapeutic efficacy by neuromodulation and neuropharmacology, and industrial and clinical translation of the technologies developed in the framework of the Flagship.

The meeting is due to conclude this afternoon after a final discussion on the status of the projects, deliverables and next deadlines. This is the third meeting of the Biomedical Technologies work package held in Barcelona and co-organized by the ICN2, which shows the important role played by our institution in the development of medical technologies based on graphene and bidimensional materials.