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Friday, 29 November 2019

ICN2 for a cleaner environment

On 24 November a few ICN2 members participated in a beach clean-up action organized by Pure Clean Earth, a non-profit organization set in Barcelona to act against pollution.

Last Sunday, a team of more than 30 garbage collectors spent about two hours at the Barceloneta beach picking up litter from the sand, sorting it and then throwing each fraction in the dedicated waste container. Among them were six ICN2 members, concerned about the future of our planet and willing to take action.

These environment advocates collected 13.5 kg of waste, a significant amount of which were cigarette butts. Following: cotton buds, straws, plastic caps, cans and can tabs, etc. The activity was organized by Pure Clean Earth, a recently-established non-profit organization set in Barcelona. The trash tribe, as they like to call themselves, meets every Sunday in Barcelona for a clean-up gathering, at the end of which they all go together for a beer and a chat.

The participation of ICN2 people in this activity was proposed and promoted by the ICN2 Sustainability Team, which works to disseminate and implement good practices for environmental protection both inside and outside our institution. Other activities are planned and will be organized in the following months, so stay tuned for more.

For information about the Sustainability Team activities, contact them at: sustainability@icn2.cat