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Wednesday, 04 May 2022

Open Knowledge Programme: learn about the ICN2 Electron Microscopy Unit

The event was the eleventh of the OKP seminar series, the recordings of which are available on the ICN2 dedicated webpage.

On April 27, the ICN2 hosted a new event of the Open Knowledge Programme (OKP). The ICN2 Electron Microscopy Unit members –i.e. Dr Belén Ballesteros (leader), Marcos Rosado and Francisco Belarre— provided an overview of the research activities and technical services carried out by the Unit. After introducing the team, the seminar delved into the technical details of the microscopy techniques that can be employed thanks to the equipment available at the facility, as well as tools and crucial aspects of sample preparation.

The recording of the full Electron Microscopy Unit seminar, as well as those of all the previous Open Knowledge events, is available on the OKP section of the ICN2 website (the access is restricted to registered users).

The ICN2 Open Knowledge Programme is conceived as a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience, and skills among ICN2 members. Coordinated by Human Resources, the programme of each event is designed by a different ICN2 group/unit/department and addresses a broad topic from different angles. The talks tend to be highly specialised, while also offering an overview of the topic for researchers in other fields and advanced science graduates.