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Monday, 28 November 2022

CSIC in Catalonia celebrates its 80th anniversary

by Virginia Greco

The CSIC Delegation in Barcelona hosted a ceremony to celebrate the 80th anniversary of CSIC in Catalonia, with the attendance of various representatives from CSIC, the Spanish Government and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

A commemorative ceremony for the 80th anniversary of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in Catalonia was held on Friday 25 November at the CSIC Delegation in Barcelona. The Secretary General for Science Policy, Raquel Yotti, the president of CSIC, Eloísa del Pino, the Catalan Minister for Research and Universities, Joaquim Nadal, as well as other representatives of CSIC and of the Government of Catalonia attended the event.

The CSIC's presence and activities in Catalonia began eighty years ago, in November 1942. Currently there are 21 CSIC centres in Catalonia —14 of which belong to CSIC, 3 have other patrons besides CSIC, and 4 are associated to CSIC—, 3 administrative and management units, as well as the Residence for Researchers CSIC-Generalitat and the Delegation itself.

Read more about CSIC in Catalonia in the official press release.